All homeowners face plumbing problems. These problems often start right after the purchase of the house. Problems occur most frequently in the bathrooms and kitchen. The following article will provide proven techniques in handling some of the most common plumbing problems without causing you major stress.

If your house uses a septic tank, clean it out around every five years to ensure it will continue to function properly. Pumping out a septic tank will cost you some money, but if your septic tank backs up, it will cost you much more to have the sewage cleaned up and your tank repaired.

Before you embark on any plumbing repairs on your own, make sure that you have the right tools and skills to do it. Plan out your approach. This will make your attempt to fix the problem more effective and will prevent any costly mistakes.

If there is clog in your toilet, sometimes your plunger cannot dislodge the clog. In that case, try pouring a bucket of warm water into the bowl. Hold the bucket a waist level and pour steadily. Wait for the water level in the bowl to go down, then repeat if needed.

To keep your drains from getting clogged by debris, use filters on them. The filter used on your bathtub drain will require regular cleaning to keep it clear.

If the hose going from your dishwasher to the sink is not installed properly, you may see water draining into the dishwasher. Make sure that the hose goes up, then back down in order keep the water from mixing between the two.

When you are not prepared to handle a plumbing problem, the problem at hand can get worse. All homeowners should know some basics in plumbing maintenance and have the right tools for it. This article discussed a few of the most common problems that will help you if you ever encounter these in your home.

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